Narative text

Love in Peace

by Akhmad Fajri



Once upon time there was a kingdom named Cinta. The kingdom led by a prince called Jawa. He lived with his beloved uncle named Tengah. Because of his father’s death, he substituded his father became the king of the kingdom. Uncle Tengah was issued to be the war leader of Cinta Kingdom troop.


One day when the king walked around the kingdom there was disturbance in one of traditional market in a region of  Cinta Kingdom. The disturbance was caused by a foreigner named Bayu. The villagers in the market were sure so much that he was a spionase came from Damai Kingdom. While the disturbance was happening, King Jawa and his troop came from the west by riding their horses. At the same time the market became silent and the disturbance stopped. No one said anything. Jawa Prince got down from his carriage. He exactly came to the market just for checking about treading in the village around Cinta Kingdom.


Seeing about the disturbance, the king thought how to finish the disturbance peacefully. In his mind the only one way was a little disscusion between both sides. On the discussion, Bayu was punished with a death. The punishment was done by the king. The Princess of Damai Kingdom –Golden- heard about this. Without King Jawa’s permission she and her troop entered to the market then told to King Jawa that he was not a spionase. King Jawa didn’t beliave about her speech. Golden Princes tried to explain once again that he came there just for looking at the trading.  He didn’t want to buy something but only for sight seeing. King Jawa didn’t cancel the punishment. By seeing this Golden Princes was very angry at King Jawa. Finally the battle between the troop of Golden Princess and King Jawa happened. Both of  Golden Princess and King Jawa died on the war.


Before they died, in very critical injures King Jawa looked at a very nice leontin written in Javanese letter in Golden’s necklace. The necklace was written JAWA. He also wore a lionteen in his necklace written GOLDEN. King Jawa remembered that in his childhood they has got married with a beautiful girl from other kingdom. He thought about the lionteen. He asked by himself that she was his wife. After they fell down full of their very serious injures, Golden asked to stop the war. She gave a message to her troop to marry with King Jawa before she died. Finally they lived happily tided by their pure love in the peace graveyard.